About Hosta Names

Hosta plants are herbaceous perennials that have broad leaves. Hostas vary widely in size and shape. The Hosta variations make planting Hosta plants fun and exciting.

Lancifolia, the standard green hosta, can be combined with many other hosta variations. The well known "Varigated Hosta" is a popular hosta choice that has white and green leaves. there are many Blue Hosta, Yellow Hosta, and even hosta with red stems. Your hosta garden can be as unique as there are hundreds of hosta plants to choose from. Hosta plants should be a part of every shade garden.

The name "Hosta" is derived in honor of the Austrian botanist Nicholas Thomas Host. Hosta names are some of the most original plant names. Hosta plants are fun and fit in most gardens. Enjoy your hosting planting experience

Hosta capitata

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